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A2X for Shopify
A2X for Shopify

Setup guides and articles to help you get started with A2X for Shopify

Differences between Shopify and A2X Finance Reports
Returnly - A2X Mapping Suggestions
Debit/Credit lines in Shopify payouts
How does A2X work with payment gateways and payment processors?
How to access and export from the Shopify finance report
Shopify and Buy With Prime
Shopify - How each value is calculated on the Shopify Finance Report
Shopify and TikTok Shop
How to Reconcile Shopify TikTok Orders to TikTok Payments
Shopify - How can I reconcile the A2X Settlement Value?
Shopify Installment Payouts in January 2024
Shopify Finance Report - Presentation of Shopify Payments and Shopify Installments
Shopify Store Credit
Shopify Gift Card Report Changes
Creating individual wholesale invoices from Shopify in your ledger by using A2X
Shopify changes to Returns and Refunds
Request for Shopify connection Re-authorization
Accounting for Influencer Giveaways Using A2X
Returns - new transaction rows
Identifying Historic Shopify Returns in A2X Finance Reports
Understanding Refund Adjustment Not Taxed (RANT) Lines in Payouts
Handling Shopify Order Edits and Adjustment Payouts