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How to access and export from the Shopify finance report
How to access and export from the Shopify finance report
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There are a few ways you can access your Shopify finance report. This article will detail the steps you can take.

The first option is to navigate to the Shopify finance report directly from your A2X account.

In your A2X for Shopify account, either click on the 'Reports' header and click 'Finance report' OR click on 'View finance report' on the right-hand side of your Home page.

From here you will see the A2X finance summary report. Within the 'about this report' section you can navigate to your Shopify accounts finance report by clicking on the blue 'View Shopify's version of this report'.

This will take you straight to your Finance summary' report:

The second option is directly within the A2X for Shopify finance report pages reconciliation box. In the image below you can see the 'Reconcile' button. When you decide to use the reconciliation report feature, you will choose what data you are wanting to compare and then you will click the 'reconcile' button.

When clicking the 'Reconcile' button a popp up box will appear. This step will ask you to access your Shopify finance report with a direct link to the page and this is how you will be redirected to your Shopify finance summary report.

The third option to find the Shopify Finance report is directly within your Shopify store account. You can click on the 'Analytics' heading on the sidebar. This will expand the option for you to click on 'reports'.

Once in the Reports section, the report you will need to locate is called 'Summary'. You can either scroll through the list or you can type it in the search bar.

How to export a csv. file for your Reconciliation Report

This article will guide you on how to export a csv. from Shopify and upload it into your A2X reconciliation report feature.

First step is to make sure you are in your Shopify finance summary report. You will need to make sure the date range matches the date range you have set in A2X's finance summary.

From here you can click on the specific data lists, this example will focus on exporting the 'Gross sales' section.

Once you click on 'gross sales' you will be taken to a page that will list all the product orders that total up to the gross sales. Here is where you will export the file by clicking on the 'Export' button on the far right:

A pop up box will appear letting you know the Repoprt will be exported as a CSV table, you can proceed by clicking 'Export':

This will download the file into your computer 'downloads'. It is important to NOT change the name of the file or the file kind. Please leave the file as it was exported, as A2X requires this format for the report comparison.

The final step to complete the export and import process to A2X, is to browse for the specific file, in this example we are looking for the gross sales, and you can then click 'submit' once the correct file has been selected:

Once submitted A2X will redirect you to the Reconciliation report page where you will be able to view the comparison progress:

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