From time to time, you may notice differences between the Shopify summarized data and the data that has been posted to your general ledger by A2X.

One of the most common times that you may discover these differences is when you are reconciling your month end data in your accounting system, specifically when you are reconciling your various payment gateway clearing accounts, and a balance remains that is not attributable to fees or timing issues.

These differences between Shopify and your accounting system can arise for a number of different reasons which may include:

  1. There may be a missing payout in Shopify that is not shown in A2X.

  2. There may be a payout in A2X that was not posted to your accounting system.

  3. There may be a payout in A2X that was posted more than once to your accounting system.

  4. If any modifications were made to a Shopify order after the payout was generated in A2X, there may be a difference between your Shopify summarized data and the A2X data.

The first step to identify when (the day, month and year) and to which order the differences relate.

Our customer service team is very experienced with assisting you to trouble shoot these differences once they are identified.

Did you know that it is possible to compare the data collected by A2X to the original Shopify data? Read on for instructions on how to do this and report the differences to our customer support team.

  1. Generate the Finance report in A2X for the month in question.

    To do this, navigate to the following screen in A2X:

    • Reports | Finance Report

    • Enter the dates for which you wish to run the report

Save this report by screen printing or printing to a virtual printer.

2. Generate the Finances Summary report in Shopify for the month in question.

To do this directly from A2X, click on the yellow highlighted section as shown in the below screen print.

This report can also be run within Shopify by following these instructions:

  • Analytics | Reports | type 'summary' in the filter reports search bar | click on Summary

  • Enter the dates you wish to run the report (you can use this month, last month, or enter custom dates)

  • Save this report by screen printing it, or printing to a virtual printer

3. If the balances in these two reports in the payments section are the same, then it is most likely that the differences you have identified in your reconciliation process relate to the following:

- A settlement has not been posted from A2X to your accounting system
- A settlement has been posted more than once from A2X to your accounting system
- You may need to revisit decisions you have made during the mapping process in Accounts and Taxes to ensure you have mapped your payment gateway accounts correctly.

If the balances are different between the A2X finance report and the Shopify finance report, it would be very helpful for you to nominate a specific day or order where you note differences.

To do this, you can drill down on the A2X finance report on the left hand side (the gross_sales field is drillable) and view all of the individual orders. This can be exported to CSV. You can also drill down on Gross Sales in the Shopify Finance report, and export this data, and then compare the two data sets.

Make a note of any orders that are different between the two data sets. It is not necessary to send all orders to A2X customer support if there are many differences, please send us one or two examples only.

Finally, we need to understand if your Shopify store is using any specific 3rd party applications that may be editing orders after they are originally captured. Examples of third party applications may be applications such as Recharge, Cleverific, Returnly, Facebook, Loop, BinderPOS, Matrixify, and Faire.

To identify what apps are installed in Shopify, please follow these instructions:

Click on Apps on the left hand side of the screen. A pop up dialogue box will list all of the Apps that have been installed in your store.

Please send all of this information to our Customer Service team so we can assist you with determining the potential issues that caused the differences between the A2X finance summary report and the Shopify finance summary report.

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