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Disconnecting your Shopify Store in A2X - what happens?
Disconnecting your Shopify Store in A2X - what happens?

Are you disconnecting your account and wondering what happens to your data in A2X?

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When a Shopify store is disconnected from an A2X for Shopify account there is a GDPR process required by Shopify.

A2X is required to 'redact' or remove all data associated with the store, in accordance with the Shopify App Store terms and conditions. This process takes place within 7 days of the disconnection.

Please Note: Deleting the A2X app from your Shopify store will cancel your Subscription plan. Your account will revert to a free trial and you will be able to return anytime to resume your accounting on A2X.

If your Shopify store is disconnected from your A2X account you will receive a notification as per the example below:

Just a quick note to confirm we have scheduled your request to disconnect Shopify from A2X and remove all data for shop:
If you need to cancel this request or it was made in error, please login to and click the 'Recover your account' button.

If your Shopify Store is disconnected from your A2X for Shopify account either unintentionally or by accident and you need to recover your account, you have a window of 7 days available where the redaction process can be halted. 

If you require further info or have any questions regarding the Shopify redaction process, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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