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Why Is There a Delay to My Shopify Payout Appearing in A2X?
Why Is There a Delay to My Shopify Payout Appearing in A2X?

Shopify Payout Holding Period

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When using A2X for Shopify you will often see a short delay between the payout being finalised in Shopify and appearing in A2X.

The reason for this is that Shopify allows for some order adjustments to be made prior to the finalisation of the period. We have found that bringing the data across too early can lead to some inconsistencies in data. This is especially the case when Shopify orders have received late edits and adjustments.

As a result, we use the following process for Shopify payouts:

  1. A2X waits a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 3 days before automatically generating a payout. This is to ensure data for the time period is available.

  2. A2X then waits 6 hours after generating payouts before auto-posting them over to the accounting system (only when you have our auto-posting feature switched on).

It takes between 54 to 78 hours in total for the whole process to run, so there is a trade off between speed and accuracy here. The slight delay significantly lowers the chance of an accounting error.

If you would like to chat further about this or a specific payout then please send us a message in chat! We are always happy to help!

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