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How to use the Shopify TikTok integration with A2X

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Using the TikTok integration announced in August 2023, Shopify merchants are able to quickly sync their inventory, order, and sales data between TikTok and Shopify.

When this integration is activated, all TikTok orders are automatically imported into Shopify. The order simultaneously appears both in Shopify and TikTok Shop.

This article provides information on what financial details appear in Shopify and TikTok Shop portals, and how to configure A2X to break out the TikTok sales if required.

What happens in Shopify

  • The order is tagged with the "TikTok" order tag.

  • The tag is shown as “TikTokOrderID:[unique_number]” in the “tags” section of the order, which corresponds to the order ID in the TikTok Seller Center portal.

  • The Gross total sale amount, shipping revenue, and sales tax are recorded in the order, but there is no record of the other fees charged by TikTok.

  • The order is marked as paid through the TikTok gateway. This gateway is shown as N/A on the right hand side of the Shopify Finance Report.

What happens in TikTok

  • Clients have access to a TikTok Shop Seller Center portal.

  • This portal allows clients to view all orders, including the following information:

    • Statement date, ID, Currency, Type, Order ID, SKU ID, Quantity, Product Name, SKU name, Total Revenue, Customer Payment, Subtotal, Shipping Fee, Platform Discount, Sales Tax, Shipping Fee Subsidy, Refund, Total Fees, Commissions

Shopify Mappings

Please note that A2X will automatically group TikTok tagged orders in the invoice. The TikTok groupings will appear as shown below.

These TikTok categories will be present in the mapping section. The Sale Gateway TikTok should be mapped to a clearing account which will be reconciled to the actual bank payment made by TikTok. Please note TikTok may add or subtract additional items to the their payment which is not visible to Shopify. It will be necessary to access the TikTok portal to fully understand the reconciliation to the final TikTok payment.

Gateway Name

Please note that TikTok orders will most often be included within one of two Gateway types. If TikTok has imported the order that has a payment recorded, the order will be included in a Gateway named "tiktok_shop". If the TikTok imported order is unpaid, it will be included in a Gateway named "No_Gateway".

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