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How do I Get Started with A2X for Shopify? Step 1 - Set up Google login
How do I Get Started with A2X for Shopify? Step 1 - Set up Google login

Set up Google login to A2X using your email

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A2X uses Google for account login and security. A Google login like a FaceBook or Yahoo, is a way for a trusted 3rd party service to provide account logins for A2X. You can sign up for a free Google login using any email address you like, or if you wish you can sign up for a Google account and get a free gmail address at the same time. In this article we will show you how to create a Google account using your own email address.

Data protection - Your data and privacy are important.  All A2X data is secured and encrypted.  A2X stores your data within Google Cloud, taking advantage of its world-leading security technology, which meets rigorous security and privacy standards.

If you already use Google to host your email service for your business or company (Using Google Apps or G Suite) then your email account is already a Google Account and you can use it to log in directly to A2X - you do not need to create a new Google login.

Follow these steps to use your own email address to "create a Google account":

1. Go to

2. Click “Try Now Free”

3. Click “Sign in with Google”

4. Without entering your email, click on "Create an account".

5. In the next window, click on "Use my current email address instead."

6. In the next window, enter your name, nickname, email address you want to use, the password for the email.  Depending on your country, the blue button on the bottom right might say, "Following" or "Next".  Click on it.

7. Verify your email address:

8. Verify your phone number associated with the email.

9. Enter the remaining requested info and click the blue button on the bottom right. 

10. You will be asked to agree to Google login terms.

11. Follow the prompts to completion.

That's it! You can use your email address now and still benefit from Google's secure sign in.

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