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Shopify - How can I reconcile the A2X Settlement Value?
Shopify - How can I reconcile the A2X Settlement Value?
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In the A2X Shopify Reconciliation Report, when you click into the detail of the order from the Differences page, you may notice that the value in the A2X column is not easily found in the detail of the order page.

For example, please take note of the A2X value in Order number 296291 above. This value is $96.00.

The A2X settlement represents this value in more than one line. Therefore, it is often necessary to add the values together to determine how this amount has been calculated. Please refer to the highlighted values below $48.00 + $48.00 = $96.00.

Please refer to the formulas below for guidance on how to recalculate the values:

A2X Group Type

A2X Settlement Row Type (the asterisk indicates any text after this point)

Gross Sales






Net Sales

ProductSales* and Discounts*



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