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Shopify Markets Pro offers additional features powered by Global-e to help merchants scale and optimize international markets.

Clients may choose to use the Markets Pro functionality to outsource the logistics involved in shipping goods to customers resident in other countries and to outsource the required compliance that can vary from country to country, such as the payment of customs, duties and sales tax.

Please read more about how A2X processes Shopify Markets Pro here.

We are very excited to announce we are now treating Shopify Markets Pro in the same way as other Shopify payments. Users will be able to match an invoice or journal to the exact amount of the bank deposit.

A2X Treatment up until 1 December 2023

Before 1 December 2023, A2X treated these payouts the same way as many other payment gateways, such as Afterpay and Paypal. The name of the gateway used up until 1 December 2023 was flow_commerce, and the gateway would present in an invoice or journal screen as shown below:

The fees and charges associated with this Markets Pro payment (normally, there are three fees - the commission, shipping label fee and import and duties fee) would have to be entered by the user in the accounting system manually and coded to the same clearing account that had been mapped for Sale Gateway flow_commerce.

A2X Treatment for Markets Pro Orders created prior to 30 November 2023, and paid by Markets Pro on or after 1 December 2023

Some accounts may have Markets Pro Orders that are paid on or after 1 December 2023 for orders created prior to this date. These payouts will be created as inconsistent by A2X. An inconsistent Shopify payout is when the value that is read by A2X is different than the actual Shopify payout value.

The inconsistency represents orders that have already been read by the flow_commerce gateway in previous periods. The amount of inconsistency difference needs to be posted to the same general ledger account that was used for the 'Sale Gateway flow_commerce' transaction type.

A worked example is shown below:

In this example, there is a reported difference between the expected Shopify payout of $181.08 and the A2X generated value of -$79.29 = $260.37.

Please note just underneath this message in the pink message box, the orders that were missed will be listed. The value of these orders will add up to the amount of the inconsistency.

When this payout is posted to the accounting system, it will be necessary to add one more row to the journal or invoice for the amount of the difference (in this example - $260.37) which will result in an amount that agrees to the real Shopify payout.

​A2X Treatment from 1 December 2023

From 1 December 2023, A2X will automatically generate a payout for the net amount of the Shopify Markets Pro bank deposit, including the order revenue and associated fees and charges.

Users will 'match' the bank deposit to the invoice or journal created by A2X.

Please note that Markets Pro orders created but not paid until later will be processed using a No_Gateway settlement. You can read more about this treatment here.

What do I need to do now?

There is no action required. Users will need to do a final reconciliation of the flow_commerce payment gateway to ensure it is balanced to zero and then start to match payouts to actual bank deposits for periods commencing 1 December 2023.

Please note a new balance sheet account will need to be mapped for a new A2X pending payment balance called 'PendingPaymentMarketsPro'. Please read here for more information.

A2X Customer Support is always on hand to assist. Please contact us through the intercom bubble on the bottom right-hand side of the screen if you wish to discuss.

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