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Shopify Reconciliation Report - Order Not Found
Shopify Reconciliation Report - Order Not Found
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There are several reasons the order number may not be retrieved by A2X, which are listed below:

Searching using the 'Search order ID number' box:
1. You may have mistyped the order number in the Order Search Box. Please double-check the number in Shopify and try again. The order number is listed at the top of each order.

2. If the number has a prefix (i.e. AB-12345) or a suffix (i.e. 12345-AB) try typing the order number only. Most Shopify order numbers are four, five or six digits long. It is necessary to enter the numeric characters only.

3. You can also search by the long Shopify order number. This may yield a successful search result. To find the long Shopify order number, refer to the URL at the top of the order screen in Shopify. The long order number is the final numeric string at the end after the last forward slash.

4. The A2X database supports Shopify orders from 1 January 2023 to the present date. Therefore, if you have searched or clicked on an order with a creation date before 1 January 2023, the order details may not be found.

This error screen may present after clicking through from the Shopify Reconciliation report for the following reasons.

5. A2X has been disconnected from the Shopify Store. Please check to ensure your Shopify store is connected (you can do this by going to Settings | Connections).

6. This order page is a "live" order call to Shopify. As a result, if the order has been modified or cancelled, it may not show as expected. In addition, A2X generally reads orders about two days after the order creation date. If you do not see any A2X settlement information, this may be the reason. Try again in a few days.

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