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How does A2X manage payouts when order edits occur in Shopify?

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Shopify allows for orders to be edited for anywhere up to 60 days after the order was completed. A2X detects these order edits and can create special payouts to reflect the edited amounts.

In order to maintain ease of reconciliation, A2X records a separate payout entry for order edits, meaning the original payout will still balance to the Shopify deposit amount and the edits are clearly able to be distinguished, adjusted where required and offset.

Accounting for payouts containing edited orders

The payout total here for Shopify Payments is £1,989.72.

The total of the data we have for this payout is actually £2,139.42. Which is the £1989.72 + £150.00 (pending payment).

We can also see there is an order edit payout there for -£150.00.

The £150.00 is related to an order edit, there is a pending payment for this amount shown in the payout below.

We then see in a separate payout, the detail related to the edited order, this also has the line offsetting the pending payment in the previous entry:

A2X provides the link to the edited order via the order edit payout, it can be viewed by clicking 'View Details' here:

A popup box will appear providing you with information relating to the edited order and a direct link to it in Shopify:

Accounting for Order Edits in A2X when no order edit data is available (inconsistent payouts)

In some cases the order edit data will be missing for older accounts or for edits that happened in the past, before A2X was connected to the Shopify store.

If Order Edit data is not available in A2X, when edits are picked up in a payout the payout would often be marked as 'Inconsistent'.

This is because the data coming from Shopify is not balancing to the Shopify reported deposit amount, this happens as a result of order edits.

This would mean that a manual adjustment would be required to take up the differences from the edits, often resulting in two payouts eventually being marked as inconsistent due to a single order being edited.

A2X would provide links to the edited orders but as we can see here, this payout would not have reconciled to the deposit without a manual adjustment because the specific order edits are not available in A2X.

Accounts created after August 2020 should rarely have missing order edit data as long as the order edits have occurred after the A2X connection.

If you have any questions relating to order edit payouts or A2X handling of order edits, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

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