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History fetching progress tracker and history request tool for Shopify accounts

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A2X has updated the process of fetching history for your new Shopify accounts. From 8 September 2022, new A2X for Shopify accounts will have both a progress tracker and history request tool.

Progress Tracker

Once you have connected your Shopify and accounting software, A2X will automatically start fetching your recent Shopify Payouts and any gateway payouts too. On the payouts page, there is a progress tracker showing what percentage of the data has been fetched. A major benefit of the progress tracker is that you will have visibility on how much data is still to come and can better plan the account setup accordingly.

Keep in mind that this tracker won’t automatically update, if you’d like to see a progress update, you can refresh the page.

History Request Tool

The A2X History Request Tool makes it easier to initiate a history fetch. Once you subscribe your Shopify account, you will see a pop-up that asks you how much data you would like A2X to fetch.

You will only be able to fetch data within the history data limits of your subscription, any history outside of this limit will be grayed out. If you need additional history, you can subscribe to a larger A2X plan.

Timings for payouts

By default, payment gateways will be daily summaries for the current month, and any past months will be summarized into monthly entries. Monthly summaries for past months will make accounting for past months far quicker and cleaner.

Shopify payments entries will match the period you were for, i.e., if you were paid for two days worth of sales, A2X will create an entry covering the exact same period.

If you have any questions about your Shopify history, please reach out to the A2X customer success team.

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