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Accounting for Influencer Giveaways Using A2X
Accounting for Influencer Giveaways Using A2X
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Managing influencer giveaways involves tracking discounted orders efficiently. This guide walks you through setting up Shopify and A2X to account for these expenses in your general ledger (GL).

Setting Up Shopify

1. Create a Customized Payment Method: Navigate to your Shopify Settings, click Payments and choose the 'Create custom payment method' option under your Manual payment methods section.

Create a new custom payment method named (e.g., "Influencer").

2. Set Up Auto Tagging with Shopify Flow:

  • Install the free Shopify app Flow.

  • Use the template "Tag orders by payment gateway" to create a new flow.

  • Rename the flow (e.g., "Influencer Orders") and configure it to tag orders using the custom payment method.

3. Test Auto Tagging: Process an order using the new payment method and ensure the "Influencer" tag is added automatically.

Configuring A2X

1. Group Invoices by Tag: In A2X, navigate to your Settings > Connections. Click the Customize option at the bottom of your Shopify connection section. There you can customize your payouts by including the "Influencer" tag in the advanced options.

2. Track in GL: Create a new GL account in your accounting software named "Influencer Giveaways Expense".

Update your mappings in the Accounts and Taxes Mappings page to reflect this new account.

Note: When updating your mappings in A2X, make sure to go to your Settings > Connections first and 'Refresh Cache'. This will bring in the updated accounts that you created in your accounting system.


By setting up Shopify and A2X as described, you can effectively track and account for influencer giveaway expenses in your financial records.


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