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Shopify Markets Pro offers additional features powered by Global-e to help merchants scale and optimize international markets.

Clients may choose to use the Markets Pro functionality to outsource the logistics involved in shipping goods to customers resident in other countries and to outsource the required compliance that can vary from country to country, such as the payment of customs, duties and sales tax.

Shopify Markets Pro orders are paid at a different frequency than regular Shopify payment orders and contain additional charges.

This article aims to assist A2X clients in identifying Market Pro payouts and explain some new fees and charges that are deducted from Market Pro payouts.

If your business receives a Markets Pro payment, A2X will automatically recognize this payout and treat it in a similar way to Shopify Payments. The payout will be sent to your accounting system to be matched to the bank deposit.

In addition to the commission charged by the third-party service provider, Markets Pro charges two new fees. You will see these new charges in the "Shipping Costs" mapping section on the Accounts and Taxes page.

Shipping Labels: This is the shipping cost that the service provider pays on your behalf to the third-party logistics company.

Duties and Import Taxes: These are fees that the service provider pays on your behalf to the recipient country for charges such as sales tax and customs and duties on import.

Shopify Markets Pro Orders that are created but not included in a Payout within two days

Orders placed using Markets Pro can often take a few days, or potentially a few weeks, before they meet all Shopify requirements to be included in a payout.

A2X will recognize these accrued Shopify Markets Pro orders in a special gateway called No_gateway, and the payout will be zeroed out to a special mapping category called "PendingPaymentMarketsPro". We recommend you map this category to a separate balance sheet account that will represent the value of orders placed through Markets Pro that have not yet been paid by Shopify as at a particular date.

Please click here to learn how to use Shopify to reconcile this balance.

When the order is paid by Shopify Markets Pro, it will be included in the Shopify Markets Pro gateway and reversed out in the No_Gateway, as shown below.

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