Sometimes the transaction to pay for an order or refund will appear in a different payout than the order itself.

This can happen for a number of reasons but here are 2 of the most common:

  1. The order can be paid after it is fulfilled. (eg. credit terms, cash on delivery)
  2. The order can be made through one gateway but paid through another (eg because a payment through the original gateway failed)

In these cases A2X will add Pending Payment lines to a payout to account for money that is still owed for an order.

There are 2 kinds of Pending Payment to account for when the order is placed and when it is paid for.

  1. An order is placed but there is no transaction or the transactions do not cover the full amount.  The Payout for 19 Dec 2019 below shows an example of this.  An order for $400 has been made but the payment for the order has not been received.  Because the payment will happen in the future it is not possible to tell which gateway it will be made with so A2X simply lists the outstanding amount as Pending Payment.

   2. The 2nd kind of Pending Payment is the opposite of the first.  In this case there is a transaction but the order is accounted for in a prior payout.  See the 21 Dec 2019 Payout below.  The $400 pending payment from the previous payout has now been paid using the gateways cash and external-debit.

In this situation the initial payout on the 19th of December would accrue $400 into the pending payment account and the subsequent payout on 21st of December would move the $400 balance from the pending payment account into the actual gateways the $400 was received from once it was received.

This leaves no balance in the Pending Payment account and the expected balances in each of the two clearing accounts for the cash and external debit gateways.

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