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Shopify Reconciliation Tool - Why don't the Shopify amounts match between detail and summary?
Shopify Reconciliation Tool - Why don't the Shopify amounts match between detail and summary?
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Why don't the Shopify amounts match between the differences page and the orders page?

You may have noticed when clicking into an order from the Differences page, it is not possible to work out where the Shopify value (which was included in the *.csv report you uploaded) is represented on the order detail page.

For example, on the differences page shown below for a discounts comparison, Shopify shows a value of -$2.72.

When the user clicks through the Order ID to view the details of this order, the discount shows as $3.00

There are a number of reasons for this, which we discuss below.

(a) You have uploaded a Shopify Report that represents orders at a different point in time

The Shopify Reconciliation Report Tool works with an uploaded *.csv report you must first create from Shopify. This report is current at the time it is generated, however, orders may be updated in Shopify over time.

The orders page returns the most current Shopify view of the order.

(b) Depending on the report type chosen, it will be necessary to calculate the Shopify amount by using the Shopify formula used in the Shopify Finance Report

Shopify uses different components of the order to represent values in their finance report. Depending on the type of report you have chosen to run, it may be necessary to calculate the amount using a Shopify formula. Please click here to view an article that will give you some assistance on how these values are calculated.

(c) The values in an order may represented in more than one Finance Report date

Shopify represents orders on the day they were created. If an order is amended after the day of creation, Shopify shows those changed values on the day they were changed. Therefore, a difference shown for a particular day represents a portion, but not the entire order.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Success team via the blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen, or via

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