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A2X for Shopify: Inconsistent payout flag
A2X for Shopify: Inconsistent payout flag

Why is my payout flagged 'Inconsistent' in A2X?

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There can be times where A2X picks up an inconsistency in the data fetched in from Shopify. This more commonly means that the data that has been provided by Shopify for a particular payout period is not balancing to the deposit or expected deposit amount for that period. 

A2X will flag these payouts as inconsistent so that you have the opportunity to review the entry before posting on to your accounting system.

In A2X, if you click review beside a payout showing the 'inconsistent' flag you will see a note there advising which orders the inconsistency was detected in. From there you can click the order links to be taken straight to the Shopify store where you can determine why there may be a difference.

Often you will find there has been an order edit processed after the original payout was issued. Shopify allows order edits to be made after a payout has been processed however, from an accounting perspective, it is recommended that adjustments are carried out via an adjusting entry rather than editing an order after it has been finalised in Shopify. This will ensure the correct accounting flow of an adjustment order and will ensure all payout data is consistent coming in from Shopify.

In the event you find an order has been edited at the Shopify end after the payout was issued, it could mean a manual adjustment may be required to match the order edits that took place after the payout was issued by Shopify.

If you find that no order edits have taken place in Shopify after the payout was issued, please contact our friendly support team to investigate this further.

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