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How does A2X work with payment gateways and payment processors?
How does A2X work with payment gateways and payment processors?

An overview of how A2X supports payments processors on your Shopify store

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Many Shopify sellers have payment gateways or processors on their Shopify store. A2X can support any payment gateway on your Shopify store.

Each payout from the different payment gateways will come into A2X separately. See here:

A2X will create a separate entry for each payment gateway; this entry will break out all of the different transaction types and include an offset entry line for the payments gateway. See here

The only transaction A2X won’t be able to split out is any fees the payment gateway charges. Generally, the fees for the payment gateways are deducted before the money is deposited into your bank account. Because A2X cannot see this fee, A2X uses a clearing account. For payment gateways, A2X will post the sales, tax, shipping, etc. to the correct chart of account or general ledger as usual. On the payment gateway entries, A2X will also post an offset entry to a clearing account. The offset entry will be a negative value, meaning that the entry will have a $0 balance. The deposits from the payment gateway should then also be posted to the same clearing account.

In your clearing account, the balance will increase with each deposit from the payment gateway. You will then have A2X’s negative balance entries, reducing (offsetting) the amount in the clearing. Keep in mind that A2X does not see the fees that the gateway charges, but these fees are deducted from the payment gateway deposits. This means there will likely be a small balance in the clearing account, and you will need to create a manual entry into your accounting system to account for the fees.

It is recommended that you have a different clearing account for each payment gateway.

Here is an article that explains how to set this up: A2X for Shopify: Using Clearing Accounts for Other Payment Gateways

Here is a diagram that visually shows the process:

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