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The Shopify Void gateway
The Shopify Void gateway

Understanding the 'Shopify Void' gateway

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In A2X for Shopify and with certain Shopify store configurations, you may see a special payout called 'Shopify Voids'.

It will look like this:

Shopify Voids are sales that Shopify recognised as orders, and subsequent refunds, but were never paid for. If you run sales reports in Shopify it will show these sales, and it's important for A2X to recognise those sales too for consistency with Shopify.

But from a reconciliation point of view the sales won't match up to any money from payment gateways because they were never paid for, the charges were voided.

For that reason we partition these transaction into their own gateway to make it clear they were not actually paid for, but are accounted for.

A Shopify store will only see these sort of payouts if they authorise a customers card, and then some time later void the authorisation and cancel the order. Shopify won't treat this as simply a cancelled order, but instead as an order and then a full refund.

In general if you get one of these payouts you would simply post it to your accounting system. It will have no impact on the overall financials but will increase both sales and refunds by the same amount.

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