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Shopify and Buy With Prime

Use the Amazon Shopify app to offer Buy with Prime directly within your Shopify checkout

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Shopify merchants can offer Buy with Prime directly within your Shopify Checkout. Amazon has released an app in Shopify’s app ecosystem that gives US-based merchants who use Amazon’s fulfillment network the option to add Buy with Prime into their Shopify Checkout, processed by Shopify Payments.

When this solution is used, the order simultaneously appears both in Shopify and Amazon Seller Central.

This article provides information on what financial details appear in Shopify and Amazon payouts, and recommendations on how to configure mappings and COGS in A2X.

What happens in Shopify

  • The order is tagged with a “Buy With Prime” tag in the “tags” section of the order.

  • The Gross total sale amount and Shopify Payments fee are recorded in the order, but there is no record of the Amazon fee or any Amazon reference number. These are included in the Shopify Payments gateway payout.

  • The Amazon app is available for FBA Amazon customers only.

  • Currently only available in USA and to ship to customers resident in USA.

What happens in Amazon

  • Amazon records the sale detail with no revenue information. Sales Proceeds of $0.00 is recorded in the order, along with a Prime Service Fee and Prime Fulfilment fee, but there is no record of the Gross total sale amount or the Shopify fee, or any Shopify reference number.

Shopify Mappings

Please note that A2X will automatically group Buy With Prime tagged orders in the invoice.

These Buy with Prime categories will be present in the mapping section as shown below.

The resulting invoice or journal sent to your general ledger will reflect this grouping, such as in the following example:

Amazon Mappings

The Prime Fulfillment Fees and Prime Service Fees can be mapped under the "Non-Amazon" marketplace, as shown below:

Note that if you have other multi-channel fulfillment orders in Amazon in addition to Shopify, then they also would be included in this mapping.


If you use A2X's COGS feature both with your Amazon & Shopify channels, then we recommend that the “Include Non-Amazon FBA shipments in COGS calculation” is disabled in your Amazon account's COGS settings. If this setting is turned on, then the COGS entries will be double-counted in Amazon and Shopify, and a manual adjustment will be required.

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