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A2X Accounts and Tax mapping assisted setup - Australia and New Zealand sellers
A2X Accounts and Tax mapping assisted setup - Australia and New Zealand sellers

Using the A2X assisted setup to automatically map your accounts and taxes.

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Disclaimer: You should get tax advice from your accountant or tax adviser. These instructions are for the technical configuration of A2X.

For all new Amazon & Shopify accounts created from 1 August 2022, A2X can auto-apply the default accounts and tax rate mapping for you based on your main region and registration information. Click here for An overview of the A2X accounts and taxes mapping assisted setup [support article].

This article outlines the steps you need to take and what questions you’ll be asked in the onboarding questionnaire for sellers in Australia and New Zealand. The example shown is a Shopify account, but the steps are the same for setting up an Amazon account. If you are setting up accounts for multiple countries, please also view

Demo video

Step-by-step instructions

Once you’ve connected your sales channel and accounting software, your next step is to Map your Accounts and Taxes.

1. Select the main country your business operates in

If your business is located in multiple countries, or if you are not sure, select the country of your accounting system and the financial reports you need to generate in Xero.

For example, if your accounting system is an AU Xero account, select Australia as your main country.

2. Are you responsible for collecting/remitting GST for that country?

For this question, select either yes or no. If you are unsure, we recommend speaking with your accountant.

For users who selected yes in the previous question and are GST registered, you can specify additional countries in a follow-up question.

For users who selected no, you will be taken to question 3 [click here to jump to Q3].

2a. Which additional countries are you registered in?

Here you select which additional countries you are registered to pay tax in, for example, if you are registered in New Zealand.

Select ‘None’ if you are not GST registered in any other country. If you are required to collect and remit taxes in other countries, select these countries from the list.

This step allows A2X to separate the transactions at a detailed level and enables advanced settings and customized configurations.

3. Assisted Setup or Custom Setup

The final question would be if you’d like to go with A2X’s assisted or custom setup. In the assisted setup A2X will automatically suggest the required chart of accounts and apply the tax rate to all of their transaction lines for you to review. Click here to read ‘Do I need the assisted or custom setup’ [support article].

  • Assisted Setup: Choose this option if you want A2X to complete your setup for you. A2X will create the default chart of accounts in your accounting system and use default tax rates based on your main region and tax registrations.

  • Custom Setup: Skip the assisted setup and default settings and customize your A2X settings according to your preference and financial reporting needs.

Pro Tip: You can get started with the assisted setup to see how A2X works, then refine the accounts and taxes mapping as needed before upgrading to a paid subscription.

If you decide to go ahead with the assisted setup, in the next step, A2X will list the recommended Chart of Accounts:

Click 'save and continue' to allow A2X to create the new chart of accounts in your accounting system.

You are ready to complete the last step which is to review and send a payout from A2X to your accounting system:

When you click on view Settlements, you will then be taken to the settlements/payouts page to review your first entry and send it to your accounting software. Click here to read ‘Send your first A2X Invoice or Journal’ [Support Article].

A2X recommends you review these entries with your accountant to make sure they are suitable for your business.

Entries on Hold or No Data

You might notice that some of your settlement/payouts are on hold or they have ‘country unknown’

If you are waiting for data to populate into A2X, then it’s fine to leave your setup at this point and log back in to review the entries once there is some data in your account.

Reviewing the accounts and taxes page

If you have used the A2X Accounts and Tax mapping assisted setup feature, then your base mappings have been done for you. You don’t actually need to visit the accounts and tax mapping page, you can start sending entries to your accounting software.

However, if you did want to dive deeper and customize what mappings have been set, you can review the accounts and tax mapping that A2X set up in the ‘Accounts and Taxes’ page. A2X recommends you review these mappings with your accountant to make sure they are suitable for your business.

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Do you need help with your A2X setup?

Are you struggling with setting up your Accounts and Taxes page and you would like some help from an accountant or bookkeeper? We have a directory full of expert accounting/bookkeeping partners around the world who are ready to assist with your ecommerce accounting and A2X.

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