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A2X Mapping Page Tips and Tricks

V2. Advanced features including filters, sorting, and enabling automapping rules for your accounts and taxes page and settings

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The accounts and tax mapping page in A2X plays a crucial role in selecting the correct GL (General Ledger) account and tax rate for each transaction type. Recent improvements by A2X have made this page even more user-friendly, faster, and accurate. In this article, we will explore the tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of the enhanced mapping page.

This video gives you an overview of the new page and explains how best to use it:

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Mapping page tips and tricks

Your filter options in A2X will vary based on your ecommerce channel integration, registered country and invoice settings enabled in your account.

Utilize Default Categories:

A2X provides filters based on the main chart of account types, such as Income and Expense. By selecting these filters, you can view a list of transactions associated with each category, simplifying the mapping process.

Example of categories filtered by income

Example of categories filtered by expense

Sorting Transactions by Account Type:

Transactions are sorted into categories like Income, Expense, Current Liability, Current Asset, Tax, and Other. This sorting allows for easier navigation and mapping of transactions within specific account types.

Default and Advanced Search Filters:

A2X offers default search filters for transaction-related information such as transaction details, marketplace, account, and tax rate.

Advanced setup users can access additional settings and filter options, including country and tracking filters, by enabling the Registered Country settings.

To enable advanced options, please enable your Registered Country settings by following the instructions HERE.

Transactions filters

The transactions filter feature enables users to narrow down the list of transactions to a specific main transaction type. For instance, transactions connected to an Amazon store can be filtered to display only Sales or Shipping Income

Filter by country

To focus on transactions shipped to your main registered country, use the filter by country option. This filter helps streamline the display of transactions specific to your country of operation

PRO TIP: Sorted by registered country

When transactions are grouped by registered country, automapping rules and transaction details become more manageable. Transactions shipped to your registered country are prioritized, followed by transactions shipped outside of it.

Note: For Amazon UK and EU accounts with VCS enabled, the transactions will be grouped by the VAT jurisdiction from Amazon's VAT report, rather than the shipped-to country.

PRO TIP: Exclude

The exclusion feature allows you to exclude specific transactions, descriptions, countries, marketplaces, accounts, tax rates, or tracking/classes from your view. This can be helpful when filtering out irrelevant or redundant transactions.

Example below is the list of transactions excluding all transactions shipped to "GB"

PRO TIP: Search by tag (transaction detail)

A2X provides the option to filter transactions using tags or keywords. By selecting the Transaction Details TAG option and entering a keyword, you can filter the list of transactions to include only those containing the specified keyword.

Example without tag

Example filter using tags (keywords)

Filter by account or tax rate

The accounts filter lets you view transactions mapped to a specific chart of account, while the tax rate filter displays transactions mapped to a particular tax rate. Both filters include all active accounts and tax rates within your accounting system.

Example filter by account

Example filter by tax rate

Use the Bulk Actions feature

With the Bulk Actions feature, you can efficiently set your preferred account, tax rate, or tracking/class in bulk. Simply select the desired transactions by ticking their checkboxes, and then choose the appropriate account, tax rate, or tracking/class for bulk application.

Example select boxes

Example field to bulk apply a tax rate to the selected transactions

Adjust your page view

By default, A2X displays 20 transactions per page. However, you can increase the number of transactions shown per page by selecting a higher value from the available options. This customization allows for more convenient navigation and analysis.

Understanding transaction descriptions

Hovering over the information bubble associated with each transaction category provides additional insights and explanations about the transaction type.

How to identify if a transaction is still missing and account or tax rate.

A2X uses a message bar to notify users if any transactions lack mapped account or tax rate information. All transaction lines turn from yellow to white when mapping is complete. To quickly locate unmapped transactions, utilize the sort option next to the Account or Tax Rate column.

A2X Suggested Accounts Creation:

During the initial setup of your Accounts and Taxes mapping, A2X presents the option to create generic default accounts.

Clicking 'Confirm' allows A2X to create a list of suggested accounts in your accounting system, making the mapping process more efficient.

Set your Automapping rules

Automapping rules streamline the mapping process by associating specific chart of account and tax rate options with each transaction type. By selecting the appropriate account and tax rate from the dropdown list for each transaction category, you can set up rules to automatically map similar transactions in the future.

Click HERE to learn more about automapping rules.

Custom/Manual Mapping

While A2X provides default accounts, you have the flexibility to select your own accounts for different transaction types. By clicking on the dropdown arrow and choosing an account from your Chart of Accounts list, you can customize the mapping to align with your specific accounting setup.

Save your mappings!

Always remember to click the Save Mapping button at the bottom of the page to ensure that your account mapping configurations are saved and applied consistently to your settlements.

Pro tip for multichannel accounts:

For users managing multiple marketplaces, consider adding tracking codes or classes for each marketplace in your invoice settings.

This enables the generation of custom reports that allow you to analyze and evaluate marketplace-specific performance effectively.

By following these tips and tricks, you can maximize the efficiency, accuracy, and usability of the A2X accounts and tax mapping page. Whether it's utilizing filters, employing bulk actions, or setting up automapping rules, A2X empowers you to streamline your transaction management and gain valuable insights for your e-commerce accounting needs.

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