To get started with A2X, follow the below three steps.

STEP 1: Sign with a Google Account to create your A2X account

Please Note: A2X uses Google Accounts for industry leading security. You can use an existing Google Apps account, a Gmail account or create a new Google Account using any email address you wish. Most people using A2X prefer to use a business email address or alias, for example, 

Creating a “Google Account” means simply logging your preferred email address with Google for security authentication. In this way, your A2X data is secured with Google security, one of the best there is.

Click the blue 'Sign In with Google' button to create your new A2X account.

Next, you will see the 'Thanks for Signing Up for A2X' message below. Please accept the privacy policy here by ticking the little box next to it and click the orange 'Accept and continue to your account' button to continue.

You will be taken to the main dashboard of your new A2X account. Now, you can choose to complete the two steps shown below in any order: Connect A2X to Amazon and Connect A2X to your Accounting System.

STEP 2: Connect to your Accounting System (Xero)

A2X connects to Xero to import your accounts, tax rates and tracking categories and sends Invoice data to Xero, so that you can reconcile your Amazon deposits.

Grant connection permission to A2X by clicking the blue 'Connect to Xero' button.

This will take you to the Xero login page, and after logging in, you will select a specific organization that A2X can access. This organization is where A2X will post Amazon invoices.

After this is completed, you will return to the A2X dashboard, where you should now see a green connection indicator, as shown below:

STEP 3: Connect to Amazon

A2X connects to your Amazon account automatically using an Amazon API. You will need to grant A2X access to your account by API.

If you are the owner of the seller account then just select your main Amazon market (you can select additional markets once connected). If you are not the owner of Amazon Seller account or you wish to connect manually with an authorization token, please follow the guidelines provided in the article HERE.

This will redirect you to the Amazon Seller Central login page.

Log in and accept the API agreement, so that A2X can connect to your account and import your transaction data.

After agreeing, you should see this confirmation dialog in Amazon:

And after continuing to A2X, you should see a green connection indicator:

Now, A2X will import your first Amazon Settlement files.

If you see any error or warning messages, please contact us for additional support. We're happy to help!

Hint: If you are in chat and wish to view the article outside of the chat window, please click HERE

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