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How do I Get Started with A2X for Amazon? Step 2 - Connect to an Amazon Marketplace
How do I Get Started with A2X for Amazon? Step 2 - Connect to an Amazon Marketplace
Connect to one Amazon marketplace in a region to connect to all your marketplaces in the same region
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Congratulations! You have opened your first A2X trial account. You are ready to connect to your first Amazon marketplace by clicking on 'Connect to Amazon' (Settings > Connections)

Each A2X account can pull settlements from any marketplace in one region. This is true for all of our subscription plans, except for the Mini plan (it supports connection to only one marketplace).

Choose how to connect

1/ If you are the owner of the Amazon Seller Account that you wish to connect to, choose the first option in this step and select the Amazon marketplace that you wish to connect to.

When you connect A2X to a certain marketplace in one Amazon region, A2X will automatically detect and connect to all other marketplaces in that same region, where you have sales.

2/ If you are not the owner of the Amazon Seller account that you wish to connect to, then you can choose the second option here to request access to that account.

Then, you can select the marketplace that you are requesting access to, and enter client's name and e-mail in the designated fields, as well as see the preview of the message that will be sent to the client. 

When you hit the 'Send Request to Connect' button, the owner of the seller account will receive e-mail and instructions on how to complete this step.

3/ There is also third option, which allows you to connect to Amazon manually using authorization token.

With this method, you first need to obtain an authorization token from your/clients Amazon Seller Account, and then input these details in the fields below and click on 'Connect Amazon'.

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