A2X uses Google Accounts for account login and security. A Google account like a FaceBook or Yahoo account, is a way for a trusted 3rd party service to provide account logins for A2X. You can sign up for a free Google account using any email address you like, or if you wish you can sign up for a Google account and get a free gmail address at the same time. In this article we will show you how to create a Google account using your own email address.

If you already use Google to host your email service for your business or company (Using Google Apps or G Suite) then your email account is already a Google Account and you can use it to log in directly to A2X - you do not need to create a new Google account.

Not everybody has a gmail address or wants one so how can you benefit from the security that a Google login provides without a google account?
You don’t have to actually create a gmail account, but google will use your own email to reference when "Signing In With Google" in the future.

Follow these "create a Google account" steps by using your own email address:

1. Go to a2xaccounting.com

2. Click “Sign up”

3. Choose “Sign in with Google”

4. Next, you will see this:

5. Proceed with “Create account”.

Don't worry. You're not creating a gmail account. You're allowing Google to connect through your own email account.

Here’s what you will see next:

6. Next, fill in the form. You'll get a pop up (make sure that if you would prefer to use your current email address you click by the red arrow above - otherwise Google will default to an @gmail.com address.

7. Click "I AGREE"

8. Then verify your email address:

That's it! You can use your email address now and still benefit from Google's secure sign in.

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