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Use your Xero login to sign into A2X
Use your Xero login to sign into A2X

A2X is now even more convenient to use! This feature allows you to sign in to A2X using a Xero login.

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If you can already sign in to the Xero website, you can now use that ability to safely and conveniently sign in to A2X. A button that you will see on the A2X 'Sign in' and 'Sign up' screens labeled 'Sign in with Xero' provides this functionality.

1/ Signing into A2X with Xero

Click the indicated button as shown below to sign in with Xero:

After pressing this button, what you see next will depend on whether you are already logged in to Xero in your browser, and whether you have already granted A2X limited access to your basic Xero details.
If you have previously completed the above 2 steps, you will not be required to complete them again and within a few seconds, you will be signed in to A2X.

However, if you are not currently logged in to Xero, A2X will navigate you to the Xero website where you will be required to complete your Xero login:

If you haven't previously granted A2X limited access to your basic Xero details, the next page you will see is a Xero screen requesting you to do just that by clicking the 'Allow Access' button':

When that step is completed you will be sent back to A2X where you will now be logged in.

2/ Confirming your logged-in status

Confirm your logged-in status by checking the top right-hand corner of the web page. If you see your Xero email and a small Xero icon as shown in this example screen snippet, you are logged in.

When you are logged in, the web page will look similar to this:

Please Note: If you were signed into A2X with Google, you would see a little Google icon here instead. Likewise, if you were signed into A2X with your Intuit Login, then you would see the little QuickBooks icon here instead.

3/ Logging out

When you need to logout from A2X, you can simply use the logout menu item found by clicking on your account's login icon:

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