As an A2X partner you can request to enable a firm-level subscription management feature. This is an advanced billing feature where the billing owner can assign billing editors to manage the A2X subscriptions on their behalf.

There are two ways to manage your A2X subscription plans as a firm:

An A2X admin or editor will become a "billing owner" when they create a billing account. The billing owner can upgrade/downgrade and cancel all subscriptions for the accounts they have admin or editor access.

  • Multiple billing owners - multiple monthly invoices

    For firms that prefer to have multiple billing owners with separate monthly A2X invoices (one per billing owner), each billing owner can manage their own subscriptions.

  • One billing owner - one monthly invoice

    For firms that prefer to have one billing owner and one consolidated monthly invoice, a billing owner will need to be designated for the firm.

    The billing owner will be the only user that can manage the subscription on behalf of the firm.

Advanced firm billing

With the advanced firm billing feature, a billing owner can request to have billing editors manage the A2X subscriptions on their behalf.

The billing editors can:

  • Add a subscription to the partner firm bill

  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel a subscription plan on behalf of the billing owner

To add a subscription to the firm bill, the editor can select the "choose plan" button at the top of the A2X account:

And will be able to select a subscription plan to add to the partner firm bill. Billing editors can also have the option to add the subscription to their own billing account instead.

Billing editors will have access to the firm subscriptions table to manage the subscriptions on behalf of the billing owner.

In the example below, the billing editor can have their own billing account and manage subscriptions they have user access to, as well as manage subscriptions on behalf of the billing owner using "Firm subscriptions".

Only the billing owner can access the firm's billing page and edit its billing information. Credit cards and billing emails cannot be viewed or changed by billing editors.

To enable the advanced firm billing features and request to add billing editors to your firm, please email your account manager.

*Linking accounts to a premium or multi plan after subscribing: Please note that only the account admin can link accounts to a premium or multi-plan.

If you have further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at We would be glad to help you.

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