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Adding a new client subscription to your Monthly Billing Account just got a whole lot easier.  This article assumes you have named the trial account, connected to Amazon/Shopify and connected to your accounting system as you normally would. It focuses only on subscribing this account.

It assumes:

A). the A2X partner team has turned on Monthly Billing for your Partner Account
B). You have nominated employees in your company who are Billing Admin users for your client accounts on Monthly billing and you are one of these employees.  Please contact if you have not yet done this or would like to find out more. 

TIP: To add an A2X account to your monthly bill you must be the account admin AND also nominated to be a billing admin user to add accounts to your companies monthly invoices.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings->Billing and select 'subscribe'

Step 2

Select the price plan you would like this client account to start off on and click 'Add to monthly Invoice'

Step 3

A message will then be displayed 'Thank You, This account has been added to your monthly bill'.  It automatically includes any partner discount. 

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