A2X Multi-Channel Pricing for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Choosing the best fit multi-channel subscriptions for each of your clients

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A2X multi-channel plans are offered for your multi-channel or multi-country clients who have multiple A2X connections and would like their A2X subscriptions rolled into one monthly subscription plan.

Each subscription option below is for one multi-channel client. Please note that multi-channel plans cannot combine multiple clients under one subscription plan. For your clients with only one sales channel, choose the subscription options available HERE.

Multi-channel subscription plans for up to 10,000 orders/month:

Multi-channel subscription plans for up to 40,000 orders/month:

  • For higher-order volumes, please contact the A2X team for support and book a demo:

Reminder: Multi-channel plans cannot combine multiple clients under one subscription plan.

Next steps:

1/ Set up Multiple A2X Accounts under your one User Login

If you're ready to get started with A2X for your client, start by logging into A2X, and add multiple A2X accounts to your one User login. For a client with three (3) Sales Channels (ie: Amazon Europe, Amazon Australia, and Shopify), create two A2X for Amazon accounts and one A2X for Shopify account.

2/ Connect A2X to your client's ecommerce stores and Accounting Software

Then, connect A2X to your client's ecommerce stores, and connect each A2X account for this client to one Xero/QuickBooks Online or Sage account following the instructions referenced HERE.

3/ Subscribe to the multi-channel plan

When you are ready to subscribe to a paid subscription plan, follow the steps in this article to combine your A2X connections into one subscription plan.

If you have any questions reach out to the support team for more information.

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