Individual plans and pricing

Subscription plans for e-commerce sellers selling on one of the supported e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, eBay, Etsy)

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Important update: The A2X pricing you see here is valid up until April 27th, 2024. Starting from April 27th, 2024, all A2X pricing plans are changing. To get a breakdown of these changes please read this support article.

If you are actively selling on one of the e-commerce platforms that A2X supports,

we would suggest checking our individual plans that are presented on our official website and divided by e-commerce platform.

Here are the direct links to pricing pages:

Using, A2X for Amazon pricing page as an example, you will first see plans suitable for sellers with one Amazon Merchant ID, and for order volumes up to 10K/month:

If you would like to see larger plans, or you have more Merchant IDs (for example, you are selling on Amazon US/CA and Amazon UK/EU), you can click on the blue 'See premium plans' button shown on the above screenshot, or simply continue scrolling the page.

You will then be able to see plans for higher monthly order volumes or multiple merchant ID scenarios:

If you are selling on multiple e-commerce platforms, it might be good to check out our Multi-channel pricing page, as the Multi-Channel plans that we also offer might be a great option to subscribe to multiple A2X accounts under a single plan and automatically save money each month!

More information on Multi-Channel pricing is available HERE.

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