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When you are just starting to set up your A2X account, your accounts and taxes mapping is where you will set the majority of your rules. As a default the automapping feature will be enabled in your account and your mapping page will show a list of the rules to save.

For advanced Amazon rules, reference this article HERE

The transaction types from the ecommerce channels are listed on the left side of this page. The first step in setting your rules is to select the chart of account and the tax rate you would like to apply for each transaction type.

Getting started with this page

To get started with your mapping, if you'd like to use A2X's suggested chart of accounts list, click on the blue "Use Auto Setup" button, and save your mapping

Then, make adjustments to your rules as needed until you've completed setting your rules.

Rules by income, expense, liability, asset, tax and other categories

To view your rules by account category, enter "automapping" in the transaction details field above and select your preferred category to view.

Below is an example of the automapping rules for the income category available.

Below is an example of the automapping rules available in the expense category

Examples of the automapping rules for future transactions

Below is an example of an Etsy mapping page with auto-mapping rules enabled. To use this automation feature, apply the account and tax rate you would like to use for all transactions within the main transaction category.

For example, the "advertising" transaction type is mapped to an Etsy Advertising expense account. The auto-mapping rule will be applied to the detailed transactions regardless of the shipped-to country, marketplace, or product group information.

Example when auto-mapping rules are applied:

Below is an example of the advertising transactions including a shipped to country and product types and how the auto-mapping rules apply.

Example when auto-mapping rules are customized to apply only the account, tax rate, or tracking:

Un-map the account or tax field in the auto-mapping rules transaction if you do not need to apply the account or tax rate to all transactions regardless of the shipped to country, marketplace, or product group. In this scenario below, you will be required to log into A2X and update new transactions that have been fetched into the system that do not already have an account or tax rate mapped.

The example below will automap the Etsy Sales account for all future Sales transactions, but will not map the tax rate column when a new transaction appears.

Another example below will automap the Shopify Sales and Tax rate for all Shopify sales regardless of the country, marketplace, or product group. The tracking category is left blank in the auto-mapping rules and will be blank for all new transactions.

Note: Changes to your invoice settings will disable the auto-mapping feature. Please re-enable the auto-mapping feature when you're ready.

View and map all transaction details

You can also view the transaction details for each category by excluding the automapping transactions from the list. Click on the "exclude" icon here to view all of the transactions available to map at the detailed level

In this view you can override the initial rules and apply your preferred income account for specific transactions as needed.

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