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Beta: A2X Improved Account Sidebar Navigation
Beta: A2X Improved Account Sidebar Navigation

The new Sidebar Navigation is here for Beta access

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You're invited to be among the first to experience the new A2X Sidebar Navigation (Nav), currently in Beta.

This Sidebar Nav is set to replace the existing account dropdown located in the top right corner of your screen, streamlining the process of finding and switching between your accounts.

How to Enable the New Account Sidebar Nav:

1. Log into your A2X account.

2. Navigate to settings > Beta Features

This will lead you to the 'New Features' section— a new setting within A2X where new features will be released in the future.

3. Enable the Sidebar Nav by selecting 'activate.

Important Notes:

  1. When you activate the Sidebar Nav, it will be applied to all the accounts you have access to, but only in your view. That is, other people who also have access to the same account will need to enable it themselves to see it.

  2. The Sidebar Nav is applied via cookies in your browser. This means if you visit A2X in different browsers or on a different computer, the Sidebar Nav won’t be enabled. However, you can use the same URL to activate the Sidebar Nav in different browsers or on various devices.

  3. Once the Sidebar Nav is activated, the original account dropdown will disappear, and you can access accounts directly from the Sidebar Nav.

You can choose to disable the dashboard with the same ‘New Features’ section in settings.

Features of the New Sidebar Nav:

  • Account Overview: At the navigation bar's pinnacle, the 'Account Overview' option guides you to a comprehensive list of accessible accounts.

  • Search: A search feature is situated atop the account list.

  • Accounts: Every account you have will be displayed, with distinct sales channel icons accompanying the names for easy identification.

  • Pending Invites: Any pending account invitations will be prominently displayed. When selected, a modal will appear, offering an acceptance option.

  • Trial: Any accounts that are in trial mode will have a “trial” icon next to the account name.

  • Create New Accounts: The 'create new accounts' option is conveniently located at the bottom-left corner, eliminating unnecessary scrolling. Selecting this will bring forth a modal, allowing sales channel selection.

Partner specific features:

  • Teams: If your organization uses the 'Teams' feature, you'll notice a dedicated 'Teams' tab. 'Teams' facilitates collaboration by grouping together staff members handling similar accounts. [Learn more about Teams here.]

We’re here and available via chat to help with any questions you have.

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