Teams for Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms

This article outlines how to set up a team (made up of A2X users) and then how to go on and link this team to your client's accounts.

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With the introduction of A2X Teams, accountants and bookkeepers can now enjoy a more efficient way of working together and managing user interactions.

You can now create Teams within your practice and group together staff members who work on similar accounts. Then rather than granting account access to one user at a time you can give access to the entire team.

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Teams and highlight the advantages this feature brings to your workflow.

Introduction to Teams

The advantages of Teams are twofold:

  1. Streamlined Process
    Save time by linking/unlinking a group of users to an A2X account rather than dealing with individual connections.

  2. Seamless User Experience
    Team members only need to accept the team invitation once, regardless of how many A2X accounts the team is linked to.

Important Points

  • A2X Partners with more than two subscribed A2X accounts can access the Teams feature.

  • Existing user operations will remain unchanged unless opting for Team engagement

  • Both individual and team user functionalities coexist within any A2X account.

  • Users have the flexibility to belong to multiple Teams, adapting to various collaboration scenarios.

  • Team user permissions can be assigned. To learn more about team roles, click HERE

Setting up A2X Teams

Step 1: Team Setup

Accessing Teams Dropdown
Begin by locating the Teams in the side navigation bar.

Creating a Team
Select 'Team' from the dropdown menu and then click 'Add Name of Team'. Enter the desired team name and finalize the process by clicking 'Create Team'.

Team Captaincy
The individual who initiates the Team will automatically become the captain. In case a change in captaincy is necessary, you can contact Remember that only the team captain holds the authority to disband the team, and this action can only be performed if the captain is the sole member.

Step 2: Inviting and Managing Team Members

Inviting Users
Once the team is created, select your new team and invite users by entering their email addresses and selecting 'Invite'. Users only need to accept the initial invitation, which applies to all future instances when the team is associated with an A2X account.

Removing Users
Only the Team Captain and Team Admin can remove users. A team admin and a team member can choose to exit a team. However, a team captain's position remains secure and cannot be revoked.

Locate the specific team and the user you intend to remove, then choose the 'unlink user' option. This action will remove the user from the team and subsequently from all A2X accounts linked through the team.

Note: If the removed user is part of another team that provides access to the same account, their access to that account will remain unaffected.

Note: In a unique scenario where the removed user holds the role of 'account admin' for a particular account, their removal from the team will not impact their access to that account. Their access will continue to be displayed on the 'users' tab as if they had individually accepted an invitation to access the account.

Granting account access to a Team

When it comes to linking an A2X account to a team, you have two options, depending on your user access to the A2X account.

A2X users without admin access to the A2X account

Sending a Direct Access Request

If you're not the account admin or don't have user access to the account, you can send a Teams access request to the account admin directly from the Teams Summary Page.

1. Locate the relevant team on the Teams Summary Page.
2. Find the option to 'Send Request' to the account admin.
3. This prompt triggers an access request to the account admin for team integration, eliminating the need for separate requests.
4. Once access is granted, all team members will have access to the A2X account.

A2X users with account admin access

Linking the A2X account to your team can be accomplished in two ways: from the accounts settings menu or the teams summary page.

Option 1: Accounts Settings Menu

Access the 'Settings' menu and choose 'Users' then select the desired team from
the list you wish to add to the account.

Option 2: Teams summary page

Alternatively, you can perform this action directly from the Teams Summary Page located in your sidebar:

Here, you'll find a dropdown menu displaying only the A2X accounts associated with
the account admin user. Select the desired A2X account from this menu.

Once the team is linked to the A2X account, all team members will have access to the A2X account.

Important notes

When Team account access and individual account access intersect, Team access takes precedence.

For instance, if a user already has individual access to 'Client 1' and later becomes part of a Team-granted access to the same account, the user settings tab will exclusively indicate the Team affiliation, not the individual email.

Should you choose to unlink the Team from 'Client 1,' the user's access to 'Client 1' will be fully revoked unless the user holds account admin status. Notably, if a user with account admin privileges experiences Team unlinking, their access remains intact.

The Teams functionality ensures that users with account admin rights continue to enjoy seamless account access, preserving uninterrupted workflow management.

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