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Assisted Setup: Accounts and Tax Mapping
Assisted Setup: Accounts and Tax Mapping

Automate the mapping of your Accounts and Tax rates with A2X Assisted Setup

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Disclaimer: Tax advice should come from your accountant or tax adviser. These instructions are for the technical configuration of A2X.

For all new Amazon and Shopify accounts created after August 23rd, 2022, you can ask A2X to auto-apply default account and tax-rate mapping based on your region and registration information.

If you don’t see these settings on your 'Accounts and Tax Mapping' page, then your A2X account will have the V1 'Accounts and Tax Mapping' setting. Click here to find out more about V1 'Accounts and Tax Mapping' settings [support article]

If you'd like to switch your account from V1 onto the new assisted 'Accounts and Tax Mapping' page, please reach out to the A2X support team.

Automated Accounts and Tax Mapping

When you visit the Accounts and Tax Mapping page, you'll see an onboarding questionnaire that asks you a series of questions. Once questions are answered, A2X will then automatically suggest the required Chart of Accounts and apply the tax rate to all of your transaction lines.

With just a few clicks, you can now automate the whole accounts and tax mapping process.

A2X has how-to articles for each region the feature is available in:

Benefits of A2X Accounts and Tax Mapping Assisted Setup

  • Accurate tax configurations – A2X will provide recommendations on what transactions should have tax applied and what transactions shouldn’t, based on your region and tax registrations. A2X then applies the correct tax-rate to each of these lines to make sure you’re accurately accounting for tax and avoiding overpayment.

  • More control – You now get the option to set more auto-mapping rules, allowing you to drill down into how you’d like A2X to handle current and future transactions.

  • Less work – A2X does more of the work which means you can focus on reviewing and advising.

Who is this available for?

Assisted Setup will be available on all new Amazon and Shopify accounts in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, from August 23rd, 2022. Additional channels to be announced in the future.

The onboarding questionnaire will be available on new accounts for all sales channels, also from August 23rd, 2022. If you'd like to enable this feature on your account, please reach out to the A2X customer support team via

For UK customers that have mixed tax or VAT rates, such as zero-rated or reduced-rated products, the assisted setup is not available yet. Instead, these users can stick with the custom setup option.

There's also the option to start with the Assisted Setup, then create product groups, and update the mapping page accounts and tax as needed. You could then change the account for each product type, and/or confirm the tax mapping for zero-rated products are mapped as zero-rated, or if they have reduced rated products they can change the 20% standard tax-rate to 15% tax-rate instead.

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Do you need help with your A2X setup?

Are you struggling with setting up your 'Accounts and Tax Mapping' page and you would like some help from an accountant or bookkeeper? We have a directory of expert accounting and bookkeeping partners around the world that are ready to assist with your ecommerce accounting and A2X.

Please click HERE to find an expert.

We’re here and available via chat to help with any questions you have.

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