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How do I Get Started with A2X for BigCommerce? Step 3 - Connect to your Accounting System
How do I Get Started with A2X for BigCommerce? Step 3 - Connect to your Accounting System

Connect your A2X for BigCommerce account to Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage

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You have created an A2X account and connected BigComemrce, the next step is to connect your accounting software. A2X effectively integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage.

Connecting A2X to your accounting software is easy and can be completed on the Home page or in the Settings > Connections.

You will need your login credentials handy to connect. Click on the green 'Connect button'.

If you have connected to an accounting software before on a different A2X account, you will get the option to select the same connection by clicking 'share access'. For more information on sharing access, click HERE.

You will see a screen prompting you to log in to your accounting software. Add your email address and password, then click to login.

If you have multiple accounts within your accounting software you will get the option to choose which account you would like to connect to A2X.

Then click 'Allow access'.

From there you will be directed back to the home screen and you will see that Step 2, connect to accounting has been completed.

If you ever need to:

  • reset your connection (Xero),

  • refresh your cache (bring in new accounts, tax rates, or tracking from your accounting software), or

  • disconnect your accounting from A2X,

this can be done from Settings > Connections:

If you don't have cloud accounting software and need to create a custom integration, there is more information on this HERE.
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