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How do I connect multiple A2X accounts to the same Xero or QuickBooks Online account?
How do I connect multiple A2X accounts to the same Xero or QuickBooks Online account?

Connect two or more A2X accounts with one Xero or QuickBooks Online account by sharing the connection.

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If you already have one A2X account and you add another one under same user login, you might also want to connect it to the same Xero or QuickBooks account.

If you try to connect the newly created account to the same Xero or QuickBooks company to which the original A2X account is already connected, then the connection of the latter will be broken. This is because multiple connections require a more complex way of sharing.  

A2X offers an option to share the accounting connection between multiple A2X accounts by following the steps below.

Step 1/ Determine which account is still connected to Xero/QuickBooks Online.  It will have the name of the company shown as connected on the Home or Settlement page. Take note of the A2X account name in the blue drop down menu in the top right corner of the page.

Step 2/ Click the blue sidebar on the left of the page and go to your other account that was (probably) disconnected. You will see the 'Unknown Company' next to your accounting system name, or you will be offered to connect to your accounting system (as shown below).

If you don't see any of the above-mentioned, then go to A2X > Connections > Settings and click 'Disconnect' to fully disconnect from Xero.

Then click 'Connect' again.

Step 3/ Choose from the drop-down the other A2X account that is connected to your accounting system and click on 'Share Access' button.

The sharing is now complete! 

Repeat the process above for all other accounts that need to be connected to the same Xero/QuickBooks Online account.

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