Yes, you can!

Below are the steps to share your Xero connection between multiple A2X accounts.

Step 1/ Create a separate A2X account for each of the sales channels' accounts

For demonstration purposes, let's say you have created two A2X accounts:

  • A2X for Amazon account

  • A2X for Shopify account

Step 2/ Connect one of the A2X accounts to Xero in a regular way

Log into our A2X for Amazon account and click the green button 'Connect to Xero' from the Home page:

You will be taken to the Xero interface, where you can choose the Xero company that you wish to connect to. After you grant A2X access to that company, you will be taken back to A2X, where you will see that the connection was complete:

Step 3/ Switch to the other A2X account and proceed to connect it to Xero

Switch to your A2X for Shopify account, and click the green button 'Connect to Xero' from the Home page.

You will then be taken to the page below, where you can choose from the drop-down the A2X for Amazon account that is already connected to Xero and click on the 'Share access' button.

Repeat the process above for any other A2X accounts that need to be connected to the same Xero account.

If you will need any assistance with this process, please contact our support team anytime.

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