Connecting multiple A2X accounts under a multi-channel plan

If you’re an ecommerce seller selling on multiple channels, such as on Shopify and on Amazon, than the A2X Multi-Channel plans could be a good option for you. These plans allow you to have multiple A2X accounts, on different platforms, under one A2X subscription and A2X allows you to choose what plans to link.

When you subscribe to an A2X multi-channel plan, you can then connect up the other A2X account under the one subscription.

To do this, firstly ensure you’ve already subscribed one of the accounts to this multi-channel plan. You also need to make sure that none of the other channels that you plan to connect are subscribed to any other A2X plan.

From there follow these steps:

Once you have decided to subscribe to one of our Multi-channel subscription plans, you can choose to subscribe the main billing account through two options.

The first is to click on the orange ‘choose plan’ link located at the top of your A2X account:

Or you can go to ‘settings’ then ‘billing’ and click the orange ‘Subscribe’ button:

**Does your account view look different? Click here for additional instructions

Both these options will take you to the subscription page for the ecommerce channel your A2X account is for. To view the Multi-channel plans you can select the 'More than one platform' option:

The Multi-channel plans will be displayed and you can choose the Multi-channel plan which supports the number of A2X sales channels and the combined monthly orders:

Now you can click ‘choose this plan’ beneath the Multi-channel you have decided to subscribe to and you will be taken to the Payment page.

Here you can fill in your contact information. Then your billing information and subscription payment can be either your Paypal details or credit card. Don’t forget to enter your discount code if you have one in the 'coupon' field.

Once you have clicked ‘Get Started’ your page will load and take you to the following page. Select 'Add an Account' and A2X will redirect you back to the billing page.

The first A2X account listed is the one that is subscribed to the Multi-channel plan. Then by clicking on the dropdown arrows, you will see the available A2X accounts that can also be connected. Again, please note, you can only connect A2X accounts that aren’t already subscribed to another plan. Once you’ve selected the accounts, click ‘Save’.

Each multi plan has a total order volume allowance, such as 10,000 orders per month. If you connect multiple accounts that push you over your monthly order allowance, you will get a message from A2X prompting you to upgrade.

If you’d like to add an account that is already subscribed to another A2X plan, you will need to cancel this subscription before you can connect it under the one Multi-channel plan. To do this navigate to that A2X account from the dropdown in the top right, then select settings > billing > cancel subscription.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription if you are on a Multi-Channel 1K or 2K plan, however on any other multi plans please contact support at

If you’d like to cancel your subscription you can do this in the usual way, however, do note, but canceling the subscription, you will unlink all of your accounts and they will be switched back into trial mode. More on canceling your A2X subscription here

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