After you have set up your trial account, sent over your first deposit entries to your accounting system, and reconciled them successfully, you are ready to decide which A2X subscription is right for your business.

Having a subscription allows you to access all of your deposit entries and set additional configurations for reporting based on the greater breadth of deposits. Our pricing page outlines each of the plans in detail.

For plans above 10,000 orders/month:

  • The Premium 15K plan for orders up to 15,000 per month

  • The Premium 20K plan for orders up to 20,000 per month

  • The Premium 30K plan for orders up to 30,000 per month

  • The Premium 40K plan for orders up to 40,000 per month

  • The Premium 50K plan for orders up to 50,000 per month

  • For Higher order volumes, please contact the A2X team for support

Please Note: For more information on configuring your A2X account for your custom reporting needs, see our Support Center. If you need to open another A2X account, please see How do I add multiple A2X accounts to one User login?

How to Subscribe?

To subscribe, go to your A2X Settings > Billing. Then, choose your best-fit plan.

We can provide subscriptions rates to accommodate even greater sales volume.

**Does your account view look different? Click here for additional instructions

Contact us for a quote to meet your business needs:

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