This article is to help you set up your A2X accounts correctly, the first time!

Let's start with ONE A2X login to connect all of your Amazon and Shopify client accounts. You can have multiple client accounts connected to one A2X login. We recommend the accounting firm decide who should be the Admin of the A2X accounts before getting started. Then, invite users or team members to your A2X accounts.

Brief summary of Admin Privileges

A2X only allows one Admin user for each client account, and by default this is the person who connects A2X to Amazon or Shopify stores in the initial set up process.

  • Only the admin of the account can invite other Users to the client's accounts (e.g client or other staff who will work on the account).  

  • Only the admin of the account can subscribe, upgrade, downgrade or cancel the A2X subscription plan

  • Only the admin of the account can switch admin access to another user in the account

Staff and other user access

  • Each staff should have their own A2X login so that if they leave, individual email addresses can be removed from A2X 

  • Teams functionality is available for inviting teams or groups of users to the clients' A2X accounts. 

  • Users will be able to map the accounts, send A2X data to Xero or QBO, view inventory reports, make changes to various settings and download reports

Next Steps

Accounting Firms - Getting Started
A2X on-boarding overview with tips and tricks for Accounting firms  setting up their first A2X account for their Amazon or Shopify client. Read the article HERE for instructions on how to: 

  • Start your Free Trial of A2X for Amazon

  • Start your Free Trial of A2X for Shopify

  • Connect A2X to Amazon or Shopify

  • Connect A2X to QBO or Xero

If you have any questions reach out to the support team for more information.

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