After navigating to the "settlements" page, you may see one or more settlements with a value in their "status" column of "Archived or Missing". These rows will also have a faint yellow background colour.

Or on the same screen you may see a row which hides two or more "Archived or Missing" settlements. Click on the "show" link or the plus icon to reveal the full list of hidden "Archived or Missing" settlements. Click on the "hide" link or the minus icon to again hide the list of "Archived or Missing" settlements. Runs of two or more consecutive settlements are hidden in this way to make the list more readable - while still allowing you to view all of the details when you choose to.

What Does "Archived or Missing" Actually Mean ?

If you see an "Archived or Missing" settlement row, we detected a settlement but are unable to fetch the report. If you wish to enable A2X importation of the data from such a settlement report this page contains suggestions on how that can be achieved.

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