Teams - How can I link a team when my client is the account admin?

Outlines how to add at team when the A2X account admin is the client.

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Within A2X, only the account admin has the authority to grant user access.
The Teams feature allows you to grant same access to the entire team. In contrast to the manual method where the client or A2X admin sends separate invitations for each user for each A2X account, the Teams feature capability empowers you to secure access for multiple users across multiple accounts in a single action.

This guide outlines the process, especially for cases where a user wants to add a team without being the account admin themselves.

Step 1: Go to the Teams Management Page
Start by accessing the teams management page through the navigation bar.

Find the team that needs to be linked to the account.

Click on 'Request to the Account Admin...'

Step 2: Enter the Client Email Address
Input the email address of the client/user who is the account admin.

Click 'Send Request.'

Step 3: Sending the Request

The request will be sent to the client/user's email.

Note: You'll get a copy of the email sent to the account admin. Don't click any buttons; it's just for your records.

Step 4: Client's Email Response

The client (account admin) will click 'Accept Invite'

Keep in mind, the invite is valid for a few days and can be actioned once.
Granting, declining, or clicking "wrong email" in the invite all count as an action.

Step 5: Log into A2X
The client logs in and accepts the team request for their account.

After that, the client selects the accounts they want to give the team access to and clicks 'Grant Access.'

Step 6: Confirmation Email Sent
You, as the initiator (Accounting or Bookkeeping firm), will receive a confirmation email.

Step 7: Confirming the Account-Team Link
For Accountants/Bookkeepers, the new team will show up linked to the account. Check by going to Teams, finding the team and viewing the account below it, or by going to the account and seeing the linked team.

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