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Using A2X's Amazon Summary Report
Using A2X's Amazon Summary Report

Easily compare your data in A2X with your Amazon Date Range Summary Report in Amazon Seller Central

Written by Norrie Sheng
Updated over a week ago

The Amazon Summary Report feature is now available in beta on A2X!

This feature allows you to compare A2X's data with the Date Range Summary Report in Amazon Seller Central to verify that everything has been received and properly processed in A2X.

This report simplifies the reconciliation process between Amazon, A2X, and your accounting system.

How to Enable the Amazon Summary Report Feature

  1. Start by navigating to the 'Beta Features' page on an A2X Amazon account, by selecting 'Settings' > 'Beta Features'

2. On the Amazon Summary Report feature tile, select 'Join Beta'

The Amazon Summary Report will be available under the 'Reports' menu option in the navigation bar.

Using the Amazon Summary Report

For an Amazon account in A2X, click on 'Reports' in the navigation.

  1. Select a date range (max range: 92 days)

    • By default, reports are available for settlements processed by A2X after January 1, 2024; older settlements may need to be refreshed prior to being included in reports.

  2. Select the marketplace

  3. Create Report

Multi-channel fulfillment: Note that transactions for orders fulfilled by Amazon, but not made on Amazon are currently excluded from reports.

Comparing with Amazon Seller Central

  1. In Seller Central, go to Payments -> Reports Repository

  2. For Account type choose 'Standard Orders', 'Invoiced Orders', or 'All (Unified Reports)' – since A2X pulls in all available settlements, it likely makes sense to select 'All' if it is an option for you.

  3. Select Report type as 'Summary'

  4. Select a date range or specific month

  5. Request report

The generated report can be downloaded and compared to the report for the same marketplace and date range in A2X.

Troubleshooting Discrepancies

If A2X's report appears to be "missing" data when compared the the Seller Central report, check for unarchived orders in Seller Central and ensure the settlements are showing up on the 'Settlements' page in A2X for the period you've selected.

For periods prior to 2024-01-01, settlements may need to be refreshed before being included in reports.

The warnings below may appear if you are missing data for the requested period:

Potential missing data

This may occur if settlements for the selected period are not in A2X.

No data for this range

This indicates no data for the selected period, possibly due to the date range being too recent or too far in the past.

Accounting System Discrepancies

The A2X Amazon Summary Report includes all settlements within A2X whether or not they have been posted to your accounting system. If you've used A2X's standard chart of accounts and see a discrepancy between your accounting system and A2X's Amazon Summary Report, check whether all settlements within your reporting period have been sent to your accounting system.

Support and Feedback

As this feature is still in Beta, we're eager for your feedback and ready to assist with any discrepancies or issues. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Success team via the blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Please note:
​This report is available for trial by all subscribed accounts while in beta.

Stay tuned for updates about pricing and plan inclusion post-beta.

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