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A2X has upgraded its billing system to Stripe. This article provides instructions on how to update your billing details into Stripe

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A2X has upgraded its billing system to Stripe, a platform renowned for secure and efficient direct payments. As such, we’re retiring other payment platforms like Braintree. Please note that in order to avoid interruption to your service, you must complete the following steps by March 31 2024.

Please note, that once you have updated your billing, it might take up to 24 hours for our system to update and the banner to disappear:

Before you start, you’ll need

  1. A credit card for billing

  2. Access to the A2X accounts with subscriptions that need to be migrated

You don’t need to be the admin of a subscription to add it to your bill; you only need access to the account. A2X will show you a list of the accounts you can access, so you can select which ones you’d like to add to your bill.

Once you’ve migrated to A2X Simplified Billing, all future subscriptions can be added to your new, single monthly invoice.

You first need to log into A2X and then click here to get started.

If you see a warning banner then you will need to click 'here'. Then you'll need to reload the billing migration page, this can be done by clicking on this link.

1. Setting up your billing

On the first page, you’ll need to enter your credit card and billing details. The email address you enter here will be the admin of the billing account and where the invoices are sent to.

Stripe billing has very strict security standards, which means some credit cards can get declined. If you have any trouble with this, please reach out to contact@a2xaccounting.com.

Once you’ve entered your credit card and billing details, click ‘Save and continue’.

2. Adding your subscriptions

You will then move to a ‘My subscriptions' page, where you will see a list of all subscriptions with the same billing email that matches the email address you’re currently logged in with. Remember, you can add other accounts on the next page.

Review the subscriptions listed, select which you'd like to add, then click ‘Confirm and continue’.

Validation errors

Some situations might prevent one of your accounts from being migrated, such as if an upgrade is pending. If you encounter this, please reach out to contact@a2xaccounting.com, and we can assist you.

If you see a validation error, hover over the account to get an explanation of what the error is. Depending on the error, you may be able to progress, or you may need to reach out to contact@a2xaccounting.com.

Multi-plan accounts

If you have accounts that are on a multi-plan, meaning one subscription covers multiple accounts, only the ‘parent account’ will be displayed in your list.

The parent account is the account the subscription was first set up on. The child accounts are all of the sub-accounts linked up under the same subscription. Although you’ll only see the parent account in your list, all of the sub-accounts linked will also migrate over.

3. Subscriptions paid by others

On the next page, you’ll see a list of the accounts you can access, but you aren’t the billing admin. For example, you might have been invited to join an account, but the billing was set up by someone else (or is linked to a different email address). You’ll get the option to add these accounts to your one bill.

You can select any subscriptions you’d like to add to your one bill by selecting the checkbox and then clicking ‘Add to my billing’. If a subscription is selected from this list, the person with the original billing email will receive a notification explaining that the payment information has been changed. You’ll also receive a copy of this email too.

If there are no accounts you’d like to add, you can select ‘Skip this step’.

4. Summary

You’ll then see a summary of the subscriptions that will be consolidated and added to your monthly invoice.

Here you’ll also see any discounts that will be applied to your account, if applicable. You might also see a note about proration. You’re moving multiple subscriptions onto one bill, so going forward, all of your subscriptions will be charged on the same date. The system will take a look at all of your current subscriptions, including when you’re paid up to, and work out which date is most logical to be your new billing date.

You won’t be charged for your new total subscription amount until your billing date; however, you might be charged a prorated amount. Your current subscriptions will likely all have different billing dates, which means some proration might occur to bring everything in line with your new billing date.

You can download a copy of the prorated amount to see the workings, should you need it.

Once you’ve reviewed the subscriptions, click ‘Confirm and finish’ to finalize the migration.


You’ll then see a pop-up explaining that your migration is now in progress. This could take up to several minutes to finalize. You’ll be redirected to your home page.

After the consolidation is complete, you can access your new subscription page by clicking Profile > Subscriptions. If the consolidation is still in progress, the subscription page will not be available yet.

Next steps

Once you’ve successfully completed a migration will receive a $0.00 invoice, this is to confirm that your first payment hasn’t been charged yet. The full monthly invoice will not be processed until the billing cycle start date. This start date varies per user.

You might also be emailed a proration invoice if you’ve been charged a prorated amount.

You can view and download your invoices under the billing tab of your subscription profile.

All billing will now live in this new section rather than individually on each account, as it has in the past. If you’d like to subscribe a new account, you can do so under the subscriptions tab.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Success team via the blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen, or via contact@a2xaccounting.com.

Additionally, here is a step-by-step video of how to setup A2X simplified billing on Stripe:

Hint: If you are in chat and wish to view the article outside of the chat window, please click HERE

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