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How is the auto-upgrade/downgrade calculated?
How is the auto-upgrade/downgrade calculated?

Received a 'plan change coming soon' email? Wanting to understand how A2X calculates auto plan changes?

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As your business grows and your order volume increases, you may receive an email from A2X outlining an automatic upgrade scheduled for your A2X account.

To understand more about how A2X calculates your average order volume and why your account has been flagged for a plan change, please read below.

A2X operates on an average basis, calculating the average of your orders across the last three months. This means we will not auto-upgrade you to the next plan level until you consistently exceed the order threshold of your current plan for a 3-month average period.

The same process also applies to auto-downgrades.

We understand that as an ecommerce seller, you may experience some order fluctuations, so we believe this is the fairest pricing approach.

Prior to any upgrade, we will email you several notifications before the plan is upgraded. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade the account yourself; otherwise, it will be automatically upgraded in the next cycle.

If you want to understand why your account has received a plan change email, you can check the orders displayed in the Monthly Orders table on the A2X app homepage.

To determine which months our system used to calculate the 3-month order average, please check the date you received your first email, as this will help backtrack which months the algorithm calculated for the 3-month order average.

The first upgrade email you'll receive will have the subject line: A2X - Upgrading Soon.

If the email was sent to you on 24 March, for example, then your account was calculated for a plan change in the month of March. This means when calculating the 3-month order average, you would look at the three prior months; in this case, February, January, and December. These three months will add up to your average order volume.

The 3-month order average will take into account ALL accounts linked within the subscription plan. So if you are adding up the orders for each month, please make sure you check all sub-accounts linked to the same plan as well.

For auto-downgrades, the system follows the same process as above, as A2X works on a 3-month order average. If you find your order volume fluctuating, then A2X will take this into account to ensure you are on the correct plan to support your changing order volume.

Although our auto upgrade/downgrade system works on a 3-month average, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your account at any point rather than waiting for the system to trigger the upgrade or downgrade.

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