Remove transactions from a settlement

This is an advanced feature available upon request to customize the settlement entry for Xero users

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Beta testing is now available for removing specific transactions from an A2X invoice before posting it to Xero!

The feature is useful in a wide range of scenarios. Here are two common scenarios where this feature has been requested.

Examples of use cases include:

  1. Invoices sent as "open" for Shopify’s other gateway summary payouts. Customers may prefer to match A2X invoices to other entries in Xero, rather than using clearing accounts for reconciling payment gateway summaries. The other payment gateway transaction lines can be removed from the invoice before it is posted to Xero in with this advanced feature. (example shown below)

  2. Keep data from being duplicated in the accounting system. Many of our customers sync their accounting systems with additional apps alongside A2X.

    For example, it is possible that Shopify sellers who also integrate eBay or Etsy with their Shopify store, or who use third-party apps may already have accounting records for those sales channels synced to the accounting system. Xero users can now use this new feature to remove the potential "duplicate" data from A2X before sending it to the accounting system, in order to avoid duplication.

Here's how this feature works:

On the mapping page, you will be able to select a new account called 'Remove from Invoice' from the accounts dropdown list.

In the example below, we've used the remove from invoice account for all Afterpay gateway transactions.

This way A2X can send this invoice as "open" instead of a $0.00 invoice.

Then, in A2X, you can preview the Afterpay summary, including the transactions that you have chosen to remove from the invoice in Xero.

Below is a screenshot of this Afterpay summary invoice, without the payment gateway transactions. Since the transactions have been removed, the invoice will remain open in Xero for you to reconcile..

Please note that this remove-from-invoice option can be applied to any transaction in any account (with the V2 mapping page), and is not just limited to Shopify payment gateways.

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