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Overview of Settings > Cost of Goods Sold section in A2X
Overview of Settings > Cost of Goods Sold section in A2X

The overview and setup of the Cost of Goods Sold feature

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To use the Cost of Goods Sold feature, you would need to first enable it in A2X > Settings > Cost of Goods Sold:

Then, you will need to provide A2X with two things:

A/ Cost price data for your Amazon products (Costs > Manual tab)

B/ The asset and expense accounts from your chart of accounts (Settings > Cost of Goods Sold)

After you enable COGS in the A2X settings, upload your costs and configure your asset and expense accounts, you will need to refresh any old settlement/payout periods that you wish to recalculate the COGS data for.

You can do this on a single settlement by clicking the 'Refresh' link, or using the Bulk Actions to refresh multiple settlement periods at once.

When the settlement/payout has been refreshed you can click 'Review' to see the details of the COGS for that period and send the data to your accounting system.

Below are links to Cost of Goods Sold setup articles for each of our integrations:

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