Got a lot of Settlements to refresh, delete, send to your accounting, or export into csv?  If you enable Bulk Actions, you can carry out these actions on on settlements imported into A2X.  You can refresh, delete or send bulk settlement data in one operation.

Note: When initiating a large bulk action involving multiple settlements, it can take time for the change to take effect.  Plan to take a break after selecting and applying a bulk action on a number of settlements.  5 or more settlements could take 20 minutes or more.  A whole year of settlements could take up to 12 hours.  

Enable Bulk Actions

How do you turn it on?  Click the actions icon in the settlements or payouts block:

Click "Enable Bulk Actions":

When you click on "Enable Bulk Actions", your options for bulk actions appears:

Special Note about Selecting all (check box at top right above):
Selecting all to take action on will include all settlements on all pages so if you are planning on sending entries, be careful to send only the ones you need. 

Bulk Refresh

"Refresh" is useful for when you have uploaded new costs for your SKUs for COGS calculations.  You can selectively refresh the settlements that you wish the new costs to be applied and leave others that are calculated with the previous average costs.

You also use bulk "Refresh" of settlements when you want to apply any changes to Invoice Settings, such as "Group Sales by Product Type". 

When you change from one Invoice Setting to another, say, from Group all Sales to Group Sales by Product Type, you need to refresh your settlements so that the change applies to Accounts and Taxes.  Once settlements are refreshed, you can reset your mapping in Accounts and Taxes.

Just check the top check box and click "Apply":

Delete Bulk Action

You might need to delete multiple settlements if some are duplicates.

The "Delete" Bulk Action is rarely used as A2X is a good place to keep your settlement history even after you send settlements over to your accounting.   

Handy Note: If the settlement is negative or totals zero, it is important to not delete them.  There are transactions in the settlement even through there is no deposit.  In this case, it is still important to send the settlement in order to account for those transactions even if there is no corresponding deposit from amazon to match to.

Bulk Sales Invoices and COGS

You can send both Invoices (Sales) and COGS in bulk or selectively all at once to your accounting.

Bulk Export Invoices and COGS to csv Format

You can also "Export" Invoices and COGS to csv in bulk or selectively all at once as well.  This is helpful if you need to analyze the settlements in a spreadsheet.

Reminder: If you have 10 or more settlements to take bulk action on, allow for as much as half an hour or more for actions to apply.


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