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How to do Bulk Actions on Settlements or Payouts
How to do Bulk Actions on Settlements or Payouts

What are Bulk Actions used for? You can mass refresh, delete, send or export settlements/payouts.

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Got a lot of settlements/payouts to refresh, delete, send to your accounting, or export into csv? If you enable Bulk Actions, then you can carry out these actions on settlements/payouts imported into A2X.  You can refresh, delete or send bulk settlement/payout data in one operation.

The Bulk Actions are limited to 50 settlements/payouts at a time. If you tick more than 50 settlements/payouts, than the bulk process will be halted, and you will receive this error message in the top right corner:

Hint: The Bulk Actions feature should be regarded as an 'page by page' option to send/refresh/delete multiple sales or send multiple COGS at once. If you use it that way, you will never reach over the stated limit and will avoid any possible issues.

Please note: Export bulk actions (Export, Export COGS) are limited to 40 settlements at a time, due to the size of the files.

Enabling Bulk Actions

Click the 'Actions' icon in the Settlements or Payouts block:

Click 'Enable Bulk Actions':

After this, your options for bulk actions will appear and you will be able to select the desired action from the drop down menu:

Settlements/payouts selection process

When selecting the settlements/payouts to which you wish to apply a certain bulk action, you have few options.

You can either select them one by one, by clicking the tick box next to them, you can filter them by marketplace, total or month and then select only the filtered ones or you can select all on one page using the header check box.

Special notes about the top right header check box

This check box is used, when you wish to select all of the settlements/payouts on the current page.

When you tick this box, choose the bulk action from the drop down menu and click on 'Apply' button, you will receive message like this:

Please Note: If you select all settlements/payouts on one page, and then move to any other page, the settlements on the first page will stay selected until you manually un-select them.

Duplicate settlements/payouts

If you choose to Show Duplicates in the Actions menu, then they will also be selected, when you are selecting all settlements/payouts on one page.

If you choose to Hide Duplicates in the Actions menu, then they will not be selected, when you are selecting all settlements/payouts on one page.

Filtered settlements/payouts

When you choose to 'Enable Search' in the Actions menu and you filter settlements by marketplace, for example by '', it will display all settlements that were fetched from this marketplace.

If you select them all by ticking that header check box, and then remove the search filter (''), they will still stay selected among all other settlements from that region's marketplaces.

This is the same, if you would filter the settlements by month, for example by July, or by total amount.

After you have chosen the desired bulk action and selected the settlements/payouts which you want to include, then click on 'Apply' button to initiate it.

Bulk Action menu options

Bulk Refresh is useful for when you have uploaded new costs for your SKUs for COGS calculations. You can selectively refresh the settlements/payouts that you wish the new costs to be applied and leave others that are calculated with the previous average costs.

You would also use this option when you want to apply any changes made in the Invoice Settings, such as changing 'Group all sales' to 'Group Sales by Product Type'. 

Please Note: When you change from one Invoice Setting to another, then you always need to refresh your settlements/payouts so that the change applies to Accounts and Taxes mapping page. Once settlements/payouts are refreshed, you can re-adjust your mappings in Accounts and Taxes page.

Bulk Delete can be used when you need to delete multiple settlements/payouts, if some are duplicates, for example.

This option is rarely used, as A2X is a good place to keep your settlement/payouts history even after you send settlements/payouts over to your accounting.   

Please Note: If the settlement is negative or totals zero, it is not advisable to delete it. There are transactions in the settlement even though there is no deposit. In this case, it is still important to send the settlement over to your accounting system in order to account for those transactions, even if there is no corresponding deposit from Amazon to match to.

Bulk Send Sales and Send COGS are used when you wish to send Invoices (Sales) or COGS in bulk or selectively to your accounting.

Bulk Export and Export COGS allow you to export invoices and COGS to .cvs in bulk or selectively as well. This is helpful if you need to analyse the settlements/payouts in a spreadsheet.

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