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A2X Settings

Walk through the options on the Settings page of your A2X account

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In the top right corner of your A2X account, just on the left from the blue bar menu, you will see a link to your Settings page.

Categories that can be found on the Settings page are the following: Account, Auto-Posting, Product Types, Invoices, History, Connections, Cost Of Goods Sold, Inventory (only in A2X for Amazon), Users, Billing, Registered Country (only if it is UK/EU or AU/NZ account).


In the Account section, you can manage account information like changing the name of the account. This is the name shown on the homepage, in the blue bar in the top right corner, and in the account dropdown list.

Please Note: The information populated in the Account Name and Account Address fields will also show on your monthly subscription invoice, which can be downloaded by the admin of the account from Settings > Billing section,


Automation settings allow you to automate posting of your settlements/COGS to your chosen accounting software when they arrive in A2X.

This can be enabled for just Sales/Fees settlements, just COGS entries, or both.

It’s only recommended when you are 100% happy with your setup.

Product Type Grouping

We’d like to say upfront that product types are generally an 'extra-for-experts' setting that not all users are going to want or need. They let you group many different SKUs into single line items for special accounting or tax treatment.

For example, some users use this option to track broad categories of products in the P&L reporting for management.

The “Group by Product Type” option works really well if you have consistent formatting in your SKUs or an SKU list that’s not changing too often.

For more information on Product Type Grouping and how to set it up, click HERE.

Sales grouping and tracking

In the Sales grouping and tracking section, you can group all the sales together or by country, SKU, and/or product type. If you have more than one or two SKUs then we would recommend the sales by product type option. This is also where you can apply tracking codes/categories.

More information on how to use options in the Settings > Sales grouping and tracking section is available HERE


In the History section, you can initiate a history fetch; in case there are some missing settlements this option will pull that information into A2X. We’ll fetch in a small amount of data for the free trial, but once the account is subscribed A2X can bring in as much history as your subscription plan supports.

For more information, please check this article HERE


In Connections, you have the option to refresh the cache to have A2X see any changes to your Chart of Accounts.

This is also where you can disconnect your Amazon/Shopify/Walmart/eBay/Etsy and accounting software, or troubleshoot any connection issues.

Cost Of Goods Sold

This is where you can enable the cost of goods sold feature. Cost of Goods Sold is a feature in A2X that calculates the total cost of the products you sell on your chosen sales platform for each settlement period and sends the transaction to your accounting system so that you can correctly record the changes in inventory and cost of sales. It provides you with an accurate view of your gross profit and margins directly in your financial reports.

If you wish to learn more about this feature, please click HERE


(*available only in A2X for Amazon)

If you are not using our COGS feature, you can use this inventory feature to generate monthly Amazon reports. If later down the road you decide to use the COGS feature this will make the process of fetching the data a lot more seamless.

To learn more about the FBA Inventory Valuation feature available in A2X for Amazon accounts, please click HERE


In your A2X account, you can have as many users as necessary, and there are 2 types of users;

  • standard users can access all features besides billing, adding/deleting users, or closing accounts

  • admin user has access to billing, can update plans/billing information, and manage users of the account.

For more information on users and permissions, check the video tutorial HERE


In the billing section, you can manage your subscriptions and update your billing information. Remember that only admin users will be able to access this section.

For more information, please click HERE

Registered Country

(*available by default in A2X accounts connected to VAT/GST regions)

For different GST/VAT requirements with single or multiple GST/VAT registrations, we have special VAT features that allow you to specify your GST/VAT registrations, which will then be used by A2X when grouping country transactions.

We’re here and available via chat to help with any questions you have.

Hint: If you are in chat and wish to view the article outside of the chat window, please click HERE

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