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FBA Inventory Valuation

Calculating the value of Amazon FBA inventory

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What is FBA Inventory Valuation?

A2X automatically fetches the month-end stock take data from Amazon for FBA inventory and uses uploaded cost data (from your Cost of Goods Sold cost file) to calculate an inventory valuation for the stock held by Amazon in FBA.
Amazon usually issues the monthly end inventory report latest by the 10th of the following month, and A2X will fetch it as soon as it is available in your Amazon Seller Central.

It is also possible to configure A2X to include or exclude unsellable stock at FBA, depending on whether you place a value on it while it is unsellable.

How to access FBA Inventory Valuation feature?

The inventory valuation features are available as a standard offering on the Starter, Standard and Premium plans.

How to enable FBA Inventory Valuation feature?

The Inventory features can be enabled in A2X Settings > Inventory.ย 

Viewing the FBA Inventory Data

Once enabled, you can review the Inventory menu which includes monthly stock-take summary and FBA locations:

In the Inventory > Monthly Summary screen, there is a table of each monthly stock-take. The table shows the total unit count, the total SKU count, the number of countries the stock is located in and the status of the cost data (i.e whether all SKUs in the stock-take have corresponding cost data).

The full FBA stock-take calculation can be reviewed for each month. Showing in detail how many units of each SKU were sellable and unsellable, and what value of stock is available.

Viewing the FBA Inventory Location Data

In the Inventory > Locations screen, there is a table and map of all Amazon warehouses where the stock is located.

A2X uses monthly inventory data to determine likely Amazon warehouse locations where your stock is being stored by Amazon. A2X presents these locations in a summary table.

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